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The Dead Sea.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, a salt lake that covers the area between Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.

Being 9.6 times more salty than the oceans, it makes it hard for animals and plants to inhabit there, giving to it's name. However, given it's unique climate, it has now become home to many therapies for health benefits.

Applying Dead sea Mud

Prices shown are one way.

-Amman: 50JD

-Wadi Musa: 80JD

- Wadi Rum: 115JD

- Aqaba: 95JD


To book, please contact via email at or
WhatsApp on +962 7 7224 5532.


When booking rides or tours, please ensure to include the following:

-Your name

- Number of persons

- Date

-Pick up location, and drop off if differs.

- Tour name if applicable.

For all bookings, or any further information, please contact directly. Please also ensure to be sure to read terms and conditions before booking,  including our cancellations policy.

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